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Registration for Fall Soccer will open in mid-May.

Check back here periodically.

EYO Soccer has partnered with Soccer Source 360 to provide two soccer camps for our players in U6, U7, U8, U9, and U11.
Both camps will be held on the fields behind Bonnie Branch MS and Ilchester ES.
The first camp will run from Monday, July 18th, through Friday, July 22nd.
The second camp will run from Monday, August 8th, through Friday, August 12th.
Camp Prices (covers 5 days)
9:00-4:00 $260
9:00-12:00 $160
1:00-4:00 $160
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Spring Soccer Picture Schedule
Sunday, May 15, 2016
Rockburn Elementary School Gym

Time Station 1 Station 2 Station 3
12:30 PM U8 Team 4 - Ibrahim (Orange Ironmen) 03 U8 Team 2 - Rollins (Lime LaRaZa) U9 Team 2 - Emery (Red Blast) 1:00 PM Game
12:45 PM
U11 Team 1 - Linne von Berg (Red Blast) &      U14 Team 1 - Linne von Berg (Lt. Blue) U11 Team 6 - Chestnut (Lt. Blue Sharks) U9 Team 7 - Smith (Lime LaRaZa) 1:00 PM Game
1:00 PM U6 Team 4 - Samuels (Yellow) U6 Team 1 - Crenshaw (Lt. Blue) U6 Team 8 - Wilson (Gray) 1:00 PM Game
1:15 PM
U6 Team 5 - Farris (Kelly) U6 Team 2 - Punsalan (Lime) U6 Team 7 - Rosenberger (Red) 1:00 PM Game
1:30 PM U6 Team 6 - Calabrese (Royal) U6 Team 3 - Clary (Purple) U14 & U19 Individual Pictures 1:00 PM Game
1:45 PM
U8 Team 5 - Mills (Red Blast) U8 Team 8 - Omole (Lt. Blue Sharks) U9 Team 1 - Kapoor (Purple Storm) 2:15 PM Game
2:00 PM U11 Team 7 - Fountain (White Cougars) U11 Team 8 - Athas (Lime LaRaZa) U9 Team 3 - Reynolds (Forest Ignition) 2:15 PM Game
2:15 PM
U14 & U19 Individual Pictures U7 Team 6 - Harding (Lime) U7 Team 1 - Chestnut (Lt. Blue) 3:00 PM Game
2:30 PM U7 Team 7 - Emery (Red) U7 Team 2 - Wallace (Gray) U7 Team 5 - Glenn (Kelly) 3:00 PM Game
2:45 PM U7 Team 8 - Hills (Purple) U7 Team 3 - Dittmar (Royal) U7 Team 4 - Gaines (Yellow) 3:00 PM Game
3:00 PM U8 Team 6 - O'Toole (White Cougars) U8 Team 3 - Dise (Purple Storm) U9 Team 8 - Willoughby (Orange Ironmen) 3:30 PM Game
3:15 PM U11 Team 2 - Avalos (Orange Ironmen) U11 Team 3 - Jaranson (Forest Ignition) U9 Team 4 - Fletcher (Royal Wave) 3:30 PM Game
3:30 PM U14 & U19 Individual Pictures
3:45 PM
U11 Team 5 - Rollins (Royal Wave) U11 Team 4 - Jafri (Purple Storm) &               U14 Team 2 - Jafri (Gray) U9 Team 6 - Bayer (Lt. Blue Sharks) 4:45 PM Game
4:00 PM U8 Team 7 - Rosenberger (Forest Ignition) U8 Team 1 - Pollack (Royal Wave) U9 Team 5 - Rothman (White Cougars) 4:45 PM Game

All coaches and players should arrive 10-15 minutes before shoot time so that all paperwork can be completed and turned in and so that we will stay on schedule. Coaches are encouraged to enlist the help of parents to get teams organized and lined up for photos.

If team photos conflict with session/game start times then start times will be adjusted so that full sessions/games make take place. If teams are still on the field when you arrive for your session/game please be patient and wait for them to finish before entering the area surrounding the field.

Lost & Found

We have a collection of Lost & Found items.  Also, if you found something, please use this link to add it to the registry. Click here to view Lost & Found...

Recreational Soccer Program

EYO Soccer is a co-ed, recreational program that focuses on fun and fitness.  A program where everyone plays and everyone is valuable to the team.  Our recreational teams do not require tryouts to play.  As part of an organization with over 50 years worth of history in the area we have a rich heritage of making sports fun for kids and a great value for parents.

Our dedicated volunteers have enabled us to expand the EYO Soccer program and add new leagues. Going forward EYO Soccer is looking to expand its travel program by selecting coaches for the coming season that can start with younger teams and take players up to the next level in their development. 

EYO Soccer has partnerships with the professional teams in the area.  The Baltimore Blast major indoor soccer team players have made appearances at our picture day, signed autographs for the kids, and have also held both a Coach’s Clinic and a Player’s Clinic.  By special agreement with the MISL commissioner, Steve Ryan, EYO was also granted the rights to use the MISL team logos on our uniforms.

In addition to the regular season games EYO Soccer also started a new tradition in 2007: The EYO Cup game.  This game is similar to an All-Star game like many of the area baseball programs have.  Each fall EYO hosts the Knights of Columbus Soccer Shootout.  Athletes compete in the Goal kick, Throw In, and Long Kick events. The top three scorers in each age group are given awards. 

EYO Soccer offers opportunities in the spring and fall for players ages 4 to 18.  Spring registration opens in December and fall registration opens in May.

For more information visit the individual league pages by clicking on a league or contact Bill Sanders, the EYO Soccer Commissioner, at eyosoccer@yahoo.com

Registration Prices

As of Spring 2016 - Early registration runs through January 15th.  Regular registration then runs though February 15th, and late registration runs through March 15th - if league openings remain.  Prices will increase during regular and late registration.  If you have a preference for, or limitations on, practice nights please include that in the comments section of your registration.

Soccer Leagues Early Registration
Regular Registration
Late Registration
 U6 & U7
$55 $70 $  90
 U8 & U9 $75
$90 $ 110
$85 $100 $ 120
 U14 & U19
$95 $ 110 $ 130


Leagues are co-ed and available for ages 4 to 18 years old.  Ages are determined based on the age the player will be as of August 1st prior to the start of the season.  More information about the leagues are available on the league pages.  

Financial Assistance

It is our goal to be sure any child that wants to play our sports gets that opportunity. EYO has several ways in which we try and assist our families: Registration Fee Discounts, Equipment Assistance, Multi-Player Discounts.  To learn more, visit the More Information>> Financial Assistance & Discounts page.

Field Status & Locations

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Please check that the table is current.  The first row contains the time of the latest update and the last row shows the next update.  If this table is not current, then please call the appropriate field status line provided in the table.

Click here to view field names and maps.

Recreational Soccer

EYO Soccer offers opportunities in the spring and fall for players ages 4 to 18.   Learn more...

Travel Soccer

EYO Soccer offers a select league through our Travel Soccer program.

Learn more...

Soccer Referees

EYO uses referees who have been USSF certified ranging from Adults to age 13.  Learn more...

Knights of Columbus Soccer Shoot-Out

Five Girls and 19 Boys participated on a beautiful fall day.  Click here for more info...

Look for announcements in August for the Fall 2015 Shootout.

Travel Soccer Program

EYO Soccer offers the opportunity to play in a select league through our Travel Soccer program when volunteer staffing is available.  

More information available here...

Soccer Referee Program

EYO uses referees who have been USSF certified.  If you are interested in refereeing for EYO, please follow the link below to access the Referee Information page and register to referee.

More information about our referee program...

Help Wanted . . .

The Elkridge Youth Organization is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization.  The success of every program in the organization depends on the involvement of the parents.  The EYO soccer program has the following opportunities available for you to help make your child's experience a memorable one:


Soccer Coach
We always have a need for coaches. For the younger leagues all you have to do is point them in the right direction and teach very basic skills - everyone is qualified. Coaches are required to undergo a background check and ASEP training - both of which are paid by EYO.
  Team Parent
It is our goal to have a team parent for each soccer team. This person will handle administrative tasks for the team allowing the coach more time to work with the players. Good communication skills are a must.

League Coordinator
This person forms the teams for the season and manages the league.
  Award Distribution 
This person picks up the awards and distributes them to the teams. Our aim is to have one person for each league.

Uniform Coordinator
This person picks up the uniforms and distributes them to the teams. Our aim is to have one person for each league.
  Soccer Committee
Assist the soccer program in creating and revising policy, communications, performance, and other over-arching program needs.

Equipment Manager
This person ensures that the equipment is safe and functional. They would assist with distribution of equipment to teams. They are responsible for requesting new equipment if needed.
  Goal Set Up/Tear Down
This person would transport the soccer goals to the proper field and assemble them prior to the game and then disassemble the goals and return them to the storage trailer. Ideally volunteers would work in teams of two.

Event Coordinator
This person would work with the league coordinators in planning and staffing soccer events such as the Knights of Columbus Soccer Shoot Out, Junior Olympics, and the EYO Cup Games.
  Referee Coordinator 
This person schedules the referees for the regular season and for make-up games. Good communication skills are a must.

Concession Stand
The revenue generated by the concession benefits the entire organization.  This is a nice short-term task that anyone can handle.  Shifts are usually for three hours in the spring only.  Help is needed on weekday evenings and throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.
This person would be 13 years old or older and would trained and certified by the USSF and would officiate at the games in our U8 through U19 leagues. This is a paid, not a volunteer, position


If you would like more information about any of these opportunities or other ways that you can help then please contact the Soccer Commissioner at eyosoccer@yahoo.com.

Contact Information

Name Role  Email  Phone Number 
Bill Sanders Soccer Commissioner eyosoccer@yahoo.com
(410) 379-6731
Bill Sanders
U6 League Coordinator eyosoccer@yahoo.com (410) 379-6731
Bill Sanders
U7 League Coordinator eyosoccer@yahoo.com (410) 379-6731
Bill Sanders
U8 League Coordinator eyosoccer@yahoo.com (410) 379-6731
Bill Sanders
U9 League Coordinator eyosoccer@yahoo.com (410) 379-6731
Dale Linne von Berg & Josh Rollins
U11 League Coordinator lvbeyosoccer@verizon.net

Dale Linne von Berg
U13 / U14 League Coordinator lvbeyosoccer@verizon.net
Bill Sanders
U18 / U19 League Coordinator eyosoccer@yahoo.com (410) 379-6731
Karen Druffel Soccer Referee Coordinator karen@eyosoccer.org (410) 917-6857
Bill Sanders Travel League Coordinator eyosoccer@yahoo.com (410) 379-6731
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