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Travel Baseball News for Spring 2019


Tradition of Elkridge Hurricanes Travel Baseball - Some selected accomplishments from the 2019 Season!!

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8U Travel Baseball

9U Travel Baseball

 10U Travel Baseball

11U Travel Baseball

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14U Travel Baseball

15U Travel Baseball

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22U Travel Baseball (tba)


Name Role Email
Jim Clark Baseball and Travel Commissioner [email protected]
Jeremy Kolarek8U Hurricanes Travel Coach [email protected]
Justin Rawlings9U Hurricanes (Orange) Travel Coach[email protected]
Mike Chicorelli9U Hurricanes (Green) Travel Coach  [email protected]
Dennis Chesgreen
Jimmy Harris
10U Hurricanes (Orange) Travel Coach
10U Hurricanes (Green) Travel Coach
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mike Parise 11U Hurricanes (Orange) Travel Coach [email protected]
Shawn Mahaney 11U Hurricanes (Green) Travel Coach [email protected]
Chad Byers 12U Hurricanes (Orange) Travel Coach [email protected] 
Matt Nobleman  12U Hurricanes (Green) Travel Coach [email protected]
Andy Fitch 13U Hurricanes (Orange) Travel Coach[email protected]
Aaron Martin 13U Hurricanes (Green) Travel Coach [email protected]
Mike Brogno 14U Hurricanes (Orange) Travel Coach [email protected]   
Nick Yuran 14U Hurricanes (Green) Travel Coach [email protected]
Scott Prietz 15U Hurricanes (Orange) Travel Coach [email protected]
Brandon Maccherone 15U Hurricanes (Green) Travel Coach [email protected]
Mike Herz 16U Hurricanes Travel Coach [email protected]
Jamie O'Reily 17U Hurricanes  Travel Coach
[email protected]
Anthony McMillan18U Hurricanes Travel Coach[email protected]
Doug Link18U Hurricanes Travel Coach[email protected]
Fran Lotz 22U Hurricanes Travel Coach [email protected]

TRYOUTS for Elkridge Hurricanes Travel Baseball Fall/Spring 2019/2020 are posted below. If you have any issues with the tryout dates please contact the coach directly via email.  Not all Teams have dates posted as of yet, if you do not see the dates and locations for your age group please check back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8U Orange
Head Coach - Jeremy Kolarek
[email protected]

*New Date*
8/18 - 10am - 12pm at Mayfield Woods Middle Scool

9U Orange & Green
Orange Head Coach - Justin Rawlings - [email protected]
Green Head Coach - Mike Chicorelli
[email protected]
Tuesday, July 16th from 6 pm to 8 pm
Sunday, August 4th from 11 am to 1 pm
Saturday, August 10th from 11 am to 1 pm
*All tryouts to be held at Mayfield Woods Middle School.  Players are encouraged to make as many tryouts as possible.  

10U Orange & Green
Orange Head Coach - Dennis Chesgreen - [email protected]
Green Head Coach - Jimmy Harris - [email protected]
7/15 - 6-8pm 
7/19 - 6-8pm (this is the makeup date for the 7/17 tryout which was rained out)
7/27 - 2pm - 4pm

Please RSVP to either of the above coaches
*All tryouts to be held at Mayfield Woods Middle School.  Players are encouraged to make as many tryouts as possible.  
**Please try to arrive a half hour before the start of each tryout to fill out paperwork

11U Orange

Head Coach - Mike Parise - [email protected]
8/4/2019 - 12pm - 2pm at Elkridge Landing Middle School

11U Green 
Head Coach - Shawn Mahaney - [email protected]
7/25 - 6pm - 8pm
7/28 - 10am - 12pm
7/31 - 6pm - 8pm 
*All tryouts are to be held at Elkridge Landing Middle School
*Players are encouraged to attend at least 2 tryouts 

12U Orange 
Head Coach - Chad Byers - [email protected]
7/20 - 10am - 12pm
7/21 - 10am - 12pm 
*Both tryouts to be held at Elkridge Landing Middle School.  Players are encouraged to try and make both try out dates.  

13U Orange & Green
Head Coaches:
Andy Fitch (Orange) - [email protected]
Aaron Martin (Green) - [email protected]
7/25 6pm-8pm

7/29 6pm-8pm

Third Tryout TBD

*Both tryouts to be held at Blandair Park Field 5.  Please RSVP prior to attending

14U Orange & Green
Head Coach Orange - Mike Brogno - [email protected]

*Elkridge Orange is looking for 1-2 players for the 2019/2020 season.  Please contact Head Coach, Mike Brogno to schedule a private tryout.  

Head Coach Green - Nick Yuran - [email protected]

15U Orange

Orange Head Coach - Scott Prietz
[email protected]
7/28 11am 
8/3 4pm
Howard High School

15U Green
Green Head Coach - Brandon Maccherone [email protected]
7/23 Postponed due to rain
8/4 12:30-2:30 pm - LOCATION CHANGE. Tryout moved to Howard High School.
8/10 3:00 - 5:00 pm Long Reach High School.
Please RSVP prior to attending

Head Coach - Mike Herz - [email protected]
8/17 and 8/18 - 10am-12pm 
*Both tryouts to be held at Howard High School. 

Head Coach - Jamie O'Reilly - [email protected]

*New Tryout Date*

Tuesday August 20th at Blandair field 4.  The tryout will start at 6pm.

Players should RSVP to [email protected].

18U (McMillan)
Head Coach - Anthony McMillan - [email protected]
7/30 5:30-7:30
8/1 5:30-7:30
8/6 5:30-7:30
*All tryouts will be held at Oakland Mills High School

Head Coach - Fran Lotz - [email protected]
8/6 6pm
8/10 10am
8/20 6pm
8/24 10am
* All tryouts will be held at Long Reach High School

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